Semiconductors / Light Emitting Diodes Burn-In & Test

Semiconductors / Light Emitting Diodes Burn-In & Test

KESP is one of the market leaders providing burn-in services including static/dynamic burn-in, high power burn-in and test during burn-in. We are the first semiconductor burn-In company in Penang Malaysia, providing burn-in solution to world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers since 1984, serving the segment of industries that requires high reliability semiconductor devices. KESP also provides supplementary support services to our customers as part of vertical integration supply chain.

The production of semiconductor devices is ever increasing and creates a continuous flow of demand for burn-in. An integrated circuit may be defective at the time it is produced or it may have a latent defect which permits it to operate according to specifications for a period of time but eventually causes it to fail. Burn-in is a process of stressing semiconductors to weed out potentially weak circuits. The technique involves subjecting a device to heat and voltage stress for several hours or days and exercising it through the limits of its electrical performance. The only effective method of assuring high reliability of semiconductor is to perform burn-in.

As the demand for telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics increases, the wide range of assemblies become ever increasing.

With significant milestones in achieving global recognition, KESP strives towards service excellence by providing a comprehensive range of semiconductor and LED burn-in and testing services through its state-of-the-art facilities.

Our customer-centric focus and dedication to innovation and continuous improvement from technological advancements, manufacturing process excellences to after-sales support. We take time to understand our customers' needs and collaborate with them to fulfill their specifications. For decades, we have forged strong and lasting partnerships with our customers.

Burn-in Capabilities and Services

  • Semiconductor and LED burn-in and test services
    • Static, Dynamic, and Reliability
    • Commercial, Industrial, Telecommunication, Military and Automotive Product
  • Smart Burn-In and Real-Time Production Monitoring System
  • Burn-In Board / Driver Preventive Maintenance and Repair
  • Automated Loading and Unloading Process
  • Tape and Reel Services